Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: to provide our customers new and innovative pedicure related products that provide the best solution on the market for the ultimate luxurious pedicure experience. We take great pride in the Pedipals™ line of products, our commitment to great customer service and our ability to provide pedicure related products at the best possible prices.


Why Pedipals™ toe separators?

With busy lives and schedules, most people find it difficult to enjoy the simple things in life that bring them joy and comfort, especially when those things take too much time away from the family. Pedicures are relaxing and most people enjoy having them done but don’t enjoy spending drying time at the salon. Or when they do their own pedicure at home, they want to be able to walk around on their feet, not on their heels, while waiting for their toes to dry. Pedipals™ toe separators were created to eliminate the drying time at the salon and to provide the ability to walk around with flip flops comfortably while waiting for the nail polish to dry. Pedipals™ toe separators are the best solution on the market for the ultimate luxurious pedicure experience. Pedipals™ toe separators are an innovative (patents pending) product designed to make the pedicure experience cleaner, neater and easier to use than the existing toe separators currently in the market. Pedipals™ toe separators allow the user to save the drying time at the salon by providing the ability to walk out of the salon after the pedicure is complete. No more painful separators or messy tissue paper. Pedipals™ are comfortable, washable and reusable and most of all fashionable. Many women are finding Pedipals™ toe separators to be comfortable, easy to use and time saving. Keep the Pedipals™ toe separators in the car and take the Pedipals™ toe separators to the salon for a clean, neat and comfortable pedicure experience every time. Also, enjoy the comfort of the Pedipals™ toe separators while walking around at home waiting for nail polish to dry.


Pedipals™ Toe Separators

Pedipals™ toe separators' unique design allows you to wear flip-flops or sandals at home or to and from the spa – no more walking on your heels as you wait for polish to dry! Simply slip on the soft, comfortable Pedipals™ toe separators, wear your favorite sandals or flip-flops and apply your polish. When polish is dry, remove Pedipals™ toe separators – it’s that easy.

Suggested Use of Pedipals™

After a pedicure has been performed or when applying nail polish, the following steps should be taken either at home or the spa.

1. Insert/Place toe separators on toes

2. Wear sandals or flip flops

3. Place nail polish on toes

4. Remove when nail polish is dry

Care for Pedipals™

Wash toe separators with a small amount of dish washing liquid and lukewarm water.

Dry toe separators with a dry towel.

Other Uses of Toe Separators

Toe separators are usually worn for one of two reasons. First, toe separators are worn to create space between toes during a pedicure treatment. Second, toe separators are used to separate toes to relieve discomfort while walking or to relieve tension in the feet. Toe separators are also referred to as toe spacers.  

According to yoga practices, a perfect yoga standing position requires the person to stretch out the toes.  Some experts claim that the separation of the toes is extremely healthy for the feet and can relieve the pain in the balls of the feet and in the toes that is caused by wearing cramped shoes.

It surely makes sense that a good stretch of the toes at the end of each day might promote better foot comfort.  Finding the right toe separators, whether they are being used for pedicure or therapeutic purposes, will depends on how comfortable the toe separators or toe spacers feel. Once you have decided which type of toe separators you need, the best way to find the right one is to try them on.




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